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Abel James on Tenor Sax, Swamp Thing album 2015

Do you need kick butt music for your next party? Do you want to impress your friends with shameless jams from the coolest band they’ve never heard of?

I’ve got great news. My new album of original music, Swamp Thing, is finally ready for you.

To celebrate the launch of Swamp Thing, I’m autographing copies of my album when you purchase the limited edition CD. Why? Because I love you!

The musicians who joined me in the studio for this project are legends.

Denny, our guitarist and producer, has been nominated for an Academy of Country Music award for Steel Guitarist of the Year and has been the bandleader of the Tim McGraw Band for nearly two decades.

Our bassist, David Santos, has toured with Billy Joel, Elton John, John Fogerty, and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Singing backup, the Grammy-nominated powerhouse, Wendy Moten has recorded with Eric Clapton, Kenny Rogers, Alice Cooper, and Buddy Guy.

These days, it’s rare that musicians get to play original tunes with no agenda, no soul-sucking deadlines, and no record company execs breathing down our necks.

So we decided to make Swamp Thing differently. This album is art for the sake of art. And something magical happened the whole project came together in 2 days because we were having so much dang fun.

Abel James, Musician


Award-Winning Music

    Thank God For the Blues was selected as a Top 5 Winner in the R&B category of the 17th Annual Great American Song Contest, and was awarded an 'Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting.'

    Judges praised 'Thank God For the Blues' for its “strong chorus, consistently engaging lyrical story and smartly designed melodic composition.”

    Judges went on to say, "It’s not often that we are presented with a blues tune as well-crafted as this one. The vivid and relatable premise is sharply etched, right down to the flip of the latch on the smelly musty case. And you bring it home with the obvious yet simple and personifying title/hook. Outstanding work! This song has also achieved finalist status. CONGRATULATIONS!"

    Swamp Thing Awarded Finalist at the MASC 33rd Songwriters' AwardsIn 2017, the Songwriters’ Association of Washington (DC), awarded Swamp Thing Finalist in the Folk Rock / Americana / Roots Rock category of the 33rd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest; and Thank God For The Blues was awarded Honorable Mention in the Vocal Jazz / Blues category.


    What Are the Rockstars of Health & Music Saying?

    Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint 

    “The new album frikkin destroys, Abel.

    If Sawyer Brown and Leon Russell had a love child it'd sound sumpin' like that...then throw in some Credence, a little Little Feat and a dash of Steely Dan.

    Point being, it's not derivative, this blatantly steals from EVERYONE, and in a unique way, so you get away with it. Crisp and raspy, clean and nasty.

    What are you doing podcasting, man?”

    - Mark Sisson - Head Hancho, Mark's Daily Apple

    Steve Kamb

    "You can't listen to this album without smiling.

    Fantastic guitar, horns, and strings accompany clever lyrics sung by an incredibly soulful voice.

    Caught me off guard in a good way."

    - Steve Kamb - Rebel Leader, Nerd Fitness

    Jonathan Bailor

    "If you know anything about Abel James, you'll know that he has a deep love for his art and for those who join him on his artistic journeys.

    Abel's artistic prowess, originality, and love for life and his fans are audible in every note of Swamp Thing… put it on repeat and enjoy."

    - Jonathan Bailor, New York Times Bestselling Author





    Thank God For The Blues


    Swamp Thing


    Voodoo Queen


    Why should you buy this album?

    Most music today is made by companies and marketing departments, not artists. By getting this CD, you’re supporting independent art.

    You’re also supporting the Fat-Burning Man show. If you've been listening to the show, you’ve probably lost fat, improved your health, and turned your life around. But I wouldn’t be able to make a weekly awesome podcast for you if I didn’t have music to keep me sane, calm, and balanced. This keeps the juices flowing. Plus, 50% of the profits from this CD go directly to covering costs to keep the Fat-Burning Man show up and running.


    Here's what you'll get...

    If you listen closely to the songs on the new album, you’ll hear:

    • The story of how I quit my job and drive around the country in a vegetable oil powered Mercedes
    • The love song I wrote for Alyson, the love of my life
    • What it sounds like when I croon like Johnny Cash and bellow like Sly Stone, play the saxophone, and rock out with New-Orleans inspired funk rock
    • And tons more…

    If you buy my new album today, I’ll send you a free copy of my bestselling ebook, The Musical Brain, and audio and video versions of my presentation on How to Upgrade Your Brain with Music.


    Grab Swamp Thing and Get Limited-Time Bonuses!